The Skid Row Busk-Fest for the Arts

The Skid Row Busk-Fest for the Arts

Past Project (2019)


Throughout 2019, Skid Row’s Urban Voices Project (UVP) will collaborate with a cohort of USC students to deliver The Skid Row Busk-Fest for the Arts. The program centers upon monthly pop-up music events as well as the giveaway of a newly created arts and culture map, collaboratively designed by the community and USC Roski students.

Bringing together USC students and Skid Row artists, the project continues to build partnerships, mutual respect and inspiring artistic collaborations through a process that was initiated by Arts in Action’s inaugural project, Artists Addressing Homelessness. Look out for pop-up music stations on the streets of Skid Row during the third Saturday of every month from March to October.


  • Serves to connect the wider Skid Row community with the range of existing local arts programs that are available to individuals
  • Gathers together all Skid Row arts services into a user
  • Offers aspiring USC designers an experience of leading a socially conscious design project in dialogue with Skid Row arts partners.
  • Strengthens the profiles of Skid Row arts organizations through a recurring neighborhood outreach plan