Skid Row Arts Map

Skid Row Arts Map

March – October 2019


Designed by students Sebin Song and Xixi Huang from the USC Roski School of Art and Design in partnership with the Skid Row Arts Coalition, the Skid Row Arts Map collects the arts programs and festivals that are available to Skid Row residents in a vibrant, simple, and durable guide. This project, the first of its kind for Skid Row arts, has helped identify and strengthen the connections between L.A.’s largest homeless population and arts and culture providers.

The Skid Row Arts Map carries on the spirit of another Arts in Action project, The Skid Row Busk-Fest for the Arts, which brings together USC student musicians with the Urban Voices Project to create monthly pop-up community music stations near the Skid Row Refresh Spot. Music stations and map giveaways continued through the fall, ending with the 2019 Festival for All Skid Row Artists on October 26, 2019. Download the Skid Row Arts Map


  • Trained USC Roski students to execute a community-led design process
  • Facilitated knowledge exchange and future collaborations between members of The Skid Row Arts Coalition
  • Provides Skid Row residents with a reliable resource for accessing a range of local therapeutic arts programs



  • Skid Row Arts Alliance