Skid Row COVID-19 Arts Package

Skid Row COVID-19 Arts Package

2018 – 2019


The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily halted regular arts programming in Skid Row:  programming that is an essential line of community support and creative expression for many homeless Angelenos. Responding to this issue and the increased isolation of Skid Row artists, Arts in Action has partnered with the Skid Row Arts Alliance and the USC Roski School of Art and Design to produce reoccurring emergency arts care packages.

While the contents of each edition of packages varies, all issues contain a community zine co-produced by members of the Skid Row Arts Alliance alongside Roski students Danie Cansino and Jose Sanchez.  Inside the zine are ideas for arts activities that can be completed while sheltering in place, complimented by the inclusion of arts supplies. Packages are assembled at the USC Roski Mateo complex before being mailed or dropped off to individual Skid Row artists. Previous editions have included masks sewn by artist Kristina Wong’s Auntie Sewing Squad and painting kits donated by Art Supply Warehouse.


  • Provides Skid Row community members with home arts activities and directions to digital programming to alleviate the loss of regular arts programming in the community
  • Provides opportunities for USC Roski students to develop skills in executing community-centred art  projects
  • Provides resources to the Skid Row Arts Alliance as it adjusts its programming in response to the pandemic