EMPOWER: Students, Arts and Activism

USC students! How can you create healing, drive hope, and enact radical change through art? Arts in Action invites you to join forces with other artists and activists, respond to that challenge, and make a difference.

Common Ground: Sanctuary – A Live Performance by Solidarity for Sanctuary

In a live broadcast straight from Downtown Los Angeles, an ensemble of musicians led by Solidarity for Sanctuary  will pay tribute to club spaces that nurture Black and Brown art and discuss the concept of sanctuary as both a physical place of safety and a condition upon which creativity depends.

Common Ground: Land—Songwriting and Digital Art by Community Power Collective

Drawing from Community Power Collective’s arts activism with workers, musicians, and youth in Boyle Heights, artists Quetzal Flores, Martha Gonzalez, and USC history graduate student Yesenia Hunter will guide participants through a collective songwriting and digital artwork workshop, followed by a discussion centered on the relationship between land and power.

Common Ground: Water – An Activist Dance Theater Project by CONTRA-TIEMPO

Join us for the premiere of somos agua: a collective honoring of our mama agua, a dance film by CONTRA-TIEMPO.  Common Ground is an original series of events that showcases Los Angeles artists and organizers who are deconstructing and reimagining America’s relationship to itself—the interplay between the nation and the actual landmass on which it depends.

Make Me Laugh! Clowning, Comedy, and Wellness Workshops

Join us on Wellness Days for “Make Me Laugh!,” a series of workshops using laughter and clowning to improve our emotional and physical wellness in a historic moment of separation and stress,  led by USC’s head of comedy, Zach Steel.

Sacrifice Zone: Los Angeles

Join a collective of environmental justice advocates from Esperanza Community Housing’s People Not Pozos campaign and USC performers in a workshop presentation of Arts in Action’s ongoing documentary theatre project.