Architecture and Advocacy

Architecture and Advocacy

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Injustice manifests in our built environment; segregation, evictions, food deserts, and even pollution, all disproportionately affect BIPOC neighborhoods. This Spatial Injustice is by design. Furthermore, the BIPOC communities that experience these injustices firsthand often lack the power to influence the development or implement solutions in their own neighborhoods. This power dynamic is also by design.

Yet powerful designers exist in the margins, outside professional practices, where they create beautiful graffiti murals or vibrant community spaces. Architecture + Advocacy seeks to uplift these designers and empower communities to un-design the spatial injustices affecting their neighborhoods. To achieve this goal, Architecture + Advocacy hosts cost-free design workshops that equip local k-12 students and their families with the tools of architecture and Relational Creativity to empower them to design grassroots solutions to the foundational causes of spatial injustice. USC architecture students lead workshops in partnership with youth art organization LA Commons.

Workshop leaders have found that when participants take even the simple act of drawing the floor plan of their bedroom, it inspires them to think about their physical space, and motivates them to take action against the injustices felt within their own neighborhoods. Architecture + Advocacy believes that together, we can develop our capacities for creativity, embrace our differences, and redesign the ways we interact with the world, and with each other.


  • Inspires local students to consider design professions as future careers and equips them with the skills to do so
  • Increases representation of Black and Latinx people in professional design careers and college programs
  • Emphasizes design as a tool for advancing equity and positive social change